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We are in the business of 'Making Dogs Feel Loved' with our luxury dog beds and accessories, we love dogs and everything about these wonderful animals. That love extends to the Thin Blue Paw Foundation. The work they do is invaluable, for the welfare of retired police dogs, all around the UK. We support their work wholeheartedly.

Police dogs, when they retire are not supported by the force that they were working for. They are taken on by their old handlers, or members of the public. They have worked hard all their lives and usually, finish their career, as we all do, with the odd ache and pain. Some are retired early, due to ill-health. The Thin Blue Paw Foundation assist with the long term welfare and rehabilitaion of these amazing dogs.

Be sure to check our Pawfect Sleep Blog Page regularly, for updates on our progress,

Thank you so much for your custom, love and support!  

 If you would like, you can also make your own donation here. Thank You!

You can donate to The Thin Blue Paw Foundation yourself from here


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