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Pawfect Sleep 

Pawfect Sleep is a family run business, owned by Adrian and Jenny, along with their two Spaniels, JJ and Ronnie.

We have had dogs all our lives. Lots of different breeds, some rescued and some working dogs. JJ and Ronnie are both retired police search dogs, who were with Kent Police. Through them we are proud to be supporters of the Thin Blue Paw Foundation. Our dogs have served the public for their whole working lives, and it is our turn to treat them to the retirement that they deserve. 

Pawfect Sleep is on a real mission to help you to ‘Make Your Dog Feel Loved’ by supplying you with some of the very best, up to date and highest quality products that you can find for your beloved four legged companion, made and manufactured where possible in the UK.

Our dogs of the moment are:

Ronnie, a black working Cocker Spaniel, very affectionate, who loves cuddles, belly rubs, anything edible (and somethings inedible) and long walks. He retired in 2019, following a successful career as a search dog. His new role is shop floor manager and chief tester for any new products.

JJ , a tri colour English Springer Spaniel, was taken to a vets to be put down when he was 6 month old, because of his bad attitude. The vet refused, and he eventually ended up in the hands of Kent Police, where he was trained to find drugs, guns and money. He worked around Kent and was regularly seen at the Channel Tunnel, checking outward bound travellers. He retired in 2017 and has been enjoying retirement ever since! 


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We absolutely love connecting and making friends with other dogs and their owners, so they would really love for you to find us and say 'hi' on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Links provided at the bottom of this page.


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Make your dog feel loved

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